2 thoughts on “Is Alex Bogusky Shareworthy? If He’s Right, Let’s Hope So…

  1. david cooper says:

    He is making viral political statement more than an economic statement. Actually manufacturing jobs are coming back already because we are somewhat more competitive, his videos won’t create one more job here. He has a political agenda which shouldn’t be mistaken for marketing.

  2. vincekamin says:

    It may be too late to turn the tide, since the CEO’s, control production locations. Their aim is to profit not to endear. Yet their
    children will one day face the same calamity years hence and their grandchildren. When even yes CEO positions are farmed out by unknown entities compiling billions from such outsourcing options. If the digital bubble bursts, they are in the wings
    able to buy with pennies on the dollar. We are educating students who may be left with just jobs in rebuilding America’s
    crumpling infra-structure, someday. GE, Apple, automakers–everyone who goes offshore for profits will be the first to
    feel the pinch, themselves being acquired in huge buyouts based on foreign manufacturers controlling the world’s capital. Many of us won’t be here– but our children will.

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