Let’s Work Together

Yes the landscape’s changed, but more importantly, so has our behavior and the culture. Between the widespread availability of information, the growing demand for transparency, and the power of personal recommendation, the opportunity has never been greater to build brands and drive sales through digital video content. More specifically, digital video content that worksClick here for a short, six page overview.

Of course, living in a post-text-based communication era, it would be too ironic if I didn’t share these thoughts via video…

While I can help with traditional marketing, I’m most interested in helping forward-thinking clients begin the inevitable evolution away from mass marketing and into relevant, strategic communications. And I am always happy to discuss or even make presentations on how digital video content can help you do that. Reach me at dennisryan@thenextthinc.com or 312/952-8332. I’m sure we’ll find lots to talk about.