Warm Your Heart This Cold Wednesday

Despite how many times it’s been cheapened by manipulative writing or cheesy cover art, romance remains a lovely genre.  The genuine expression of love demands courage, a rare commodity in our irony-drenched culture where embarrassing oneself is the ultimate social sentence.

The fact that people have been falling in love for a long, long time only makes romance that much more challenging to express in any fresh or creative way.

That’s why it’s hard not to love this music video: a distinctly modern romantic gesture from a guy named Walter C. May who lives in Los Angeles.  After Walter’s girlfriend headed East for Grad School, he turned to his musical friends The Daylights.  Together they created this song and eye-catching video, then started spreading it virally through YouTube, Twitter and blogs.  Walter’s hopes his girlfriend will discover it organically without anyone directly sending it to her.  He wants her to be surprised when she sees her name in the final scene.

You can follow his progress here on his Twitter feed.  It’s now Day Three and apparently, his girlfriend hasn’t mentioned it yet but we’re rooting for you Walter.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79


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