No Whining.

picture-11Client confidence fails.  Income drops.  Layoffs stink.  

All true in a depressed ad market.

Still, we can’t complain.  Our work may be hard, thankless and at times, even excruciatingly  annoying.  But as I sit watching the bigscreen at home, I realize I will probably never experience workplace conditions like the Bears and the Packers feel tonight.  And for that, thank you God.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

2 thoughts on “No Whining.

  1. theschwartex says:

    So while I always swore I would never go to a Bears game after October, I was presented with a dilemma; 4 free tickets right behind the Bears’ bench, 4 rows up plus my 2 daughters (10 & 15) wanting to go to the game making me feel like the biggest wimp if I said “no”. So off we went. Frozen feet and 20 hand warmers later we left glad to have been there at what turned out to be the coldest start ever in NFL history.

    But I have to say, it still felt warmer than the receptions I’ve gotten at some client presentations.

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