On Strunk and White…and Marty.

dsc_0191For the past twenty years, my wife’s brother-in-law Marty has steadfastly refused to use the word ‘party’ as a verb.  His diligence straddles that lonely border between nobility and futility, yet still, he holds to his standards.

I couldn’t help thinking of Marty tonight when I tripped across this Alexander Haig-esque bit of torturous new lexicon: ‘blogcation.’  In a small call out near the top of the page, the site’s author announced he was giving himself a ‘blogcation.’

Whoa.  I hardly tell anyone I’m blogging yet cause I’m not quite comfortable with that as a root word.

I’m a writer; I write.  ‘Blogging’?  Still trying to toss that off my tongue without tripping.

Which puts me a long, long way away from a blogcation anytime soon.  For better or for worse.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79

2 thoughts on “On Strunk and White…and Marty.

  1. The Other One says:

    Nobility?!? I’m guessing Marty’s ban on verb-party was to boycott the Marty-Party rhyming contests that would inevitable follow..

    Just a thought.

    Enjoy your blogbreakfast with your blogfamiliy.

  2. theschwartex says:

    I both applaud and can relate to Marty’s unwillingness to use “party” as a verb, although for me it’s less a linguistic issue than because it reminds me of those in my youth who used it so often that one could puke without ever partaking in any libations.

    Personally I hope the phrase “blogging” goes away before it ever starts feeling comfortable rolling off your tongue. But let’s face it, like it or not we have all become, as writers, readers or both, a part of the blogosphere.

    Okay, have to get back to my staycation. Happy New Year.

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