Pranking and The Simple Power of Surprise

Prank videos are not high art. They rarely feature very good production values.

But they are undeniably fun to watch. Because nothing cuts through the veneer of human pretense as quickly as surprise. You can’t front when you’re in the throes of a genuine reaction. This simple truth explains why those galleries of haunted house visitor reaction photos are so popular and so much fun.

“Rahat” is a leading internet practicioner of pranking, or in his case, magical pranking. This mono-monikered street magician hosts a popular YouTube channel that boasts nearly two and a half mllion subscribers. He regularly releases new magic pranks, all featuring peoples’ genuine reactions to his surprising tricks. The one above is his October entry and has already been picked up by outlets like The Huffington Post.

No, they’re not sophisticated. Look at his chosen title graphics: that’s the type of garish font one might associate with a wholesale liquidator outlet.

Still, it’s shareworthy content. Definitely shareworthy. Happy Friday!


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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