Perennial Brand Content

American Greetings created this branded content six years ago. And every year, it finds a new audience across social media. Rightly so, because while it may be simple in execution, it is brilliant in concept. And performance.

Of course you can get ahead of the idea; most viewers probably do. But if that last woman’s emotional honesty doesn’t choke you up, you may be the Tin Man.

If you are lucky enough to have a Mom, hopefully you already sent her a card. If not, for god’s sake, get on the phone. You got less than ten hours left.

What Was The Art Director Thinking?

Somewhere along an anonymous stretch of the Ohio Pike on Mother’s Day, we passed this billboard.  We passed, then we stopped, turned around, and snapped the picture above.  The baby’s expression seemed so maniacally blase that it had to be the art director’s goal.

Element 79 Chicago Advertising Dennis Ryan

“I gotta find a baby for this concept.  Look through these tear sheets…  No, no, no; these babies are all cute but they are missing someth–waitaminnit, this one!  This little guy.  He’s adorable yet he’s got that extra something, that knowingly superior insider’s smirk that will make this billboard sing!  Someone call Clio!  This baby’s gonna make me bigtime!”

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79