Who Wants To Run Social Media? I Do, I Do!

In today’s OnLine Spin, Joe Marchese of socialvibe posts some provocative thoughts about the battle looming between marketing disciplines over who deserves appointment as a brand’s Social Media A.O.R.  The importance of this struggle intensifies exponentially when you consider how technology could soon make all media social media.  If that’s true, whoever wins could evolve into the overall AOR for all marketing efforts.  Leaving the losers as useless and dated as as external dial-up modems.  



Joe outlines how industry players from widely-varied disciplines–from PR to media to creative to search and all the way up to holding companies–could vie for this role, and makes a compelling argument for someone to coordinate a truly client and community centric offering with clear goals and value.  Do this fastest and you could win.

To put it bluntly, traditional agencies have been sleeping through the revolution in social media.  We gotta wake up and act, now. We must throw ourselves into this battle with full abandon if we hope to maintain a position anywhere near the center of future marketing actions.  To do this, we must consider and implement all sorts of possibilities, from re-purposing the classic AE role to creating cross-functional partnerships between junior planners and AE’s and even to scouring the web for bloggers who are already brand fans with the intention of ‘freelancing’ them in this role.  The point is we must act on this opportunity immediately, even if we make mistakes along the way.  Because despite what some may claim in this space, there are no clearly-defined experts.  Not yet.  But they will emerge very soon.

Our jobs demand we deliver strategically-applied inspiration and creativity everyday, so the problem for traditional agencies will not be in rallying solutions to win the battle.  The challenge lies in recognizing that there is a battle to be fought at all.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79