Wonderful…In Any Language

I’ve grown so tired of these kinds of stunts. “Hey, it’s a Flash Mob! Hey, we took over this train station, surprising the tired commuters with our lightly branded delights! See all the passers by, staring in slack-jawed amazement at our insouciance!”

It’s become the standard formula for viral: do something big and public and film all of it with unobtrusive GoPros. Then edit your clip together and send it out on social media where you try to encourage posting and sharing. As a tactic, it is horribly tired and creaky, despite being only a few years old.

And yet…  Kids? Santa? Joy?

Confound you, Oi Telecommunications. Just like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” this gets me every time. Click on the “cc” button in the bottom bar to turn on the English translation. Merry Merry.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

The Office is Now Closed

Put a fork in 2009–it’s done.  Not to say that we’re done, particularly.  The business of ideas never truly shuts down for a Holiday.  It bubbles along, freeriding the subconscious, honing in on quieter moments, casually filling the idle hours.  Because there’s always another assignment, always another avenue, always something you could do more remarkably, more memorably, more effectively.

trailerOfficially, we’ll start doing that again on January 4th at 9am.  But during those off days, chances are good thoughts of work will share top synaptic billing with all those sugarplum visions dancing in our collective heads.  Merry merry indeed.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Element 79