And with this, we wrap Halloween 2019

My daughter forwarded me this Halloween clip that blew up across social media today. Click the link on the photo and make sure to turn up the sound as you watch..

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 1.12.48 PM.png

A quick bit of Googling revealed that the man who posts on Instagram as @Shauhindavari is Shaw Duvari, a professor at Orange Coast College in Newport Beach where he teaches public speaking. He also coaches the OCC Speech, Debate, and Theater team, which he drolly describes as “incredibly successful.”

A quick scan of his posts show his typical viewcount averages in the low hundreds, but something about this one struck a nerve. He’s already eclipsed 20,000 views due in no small part to a share from Barstool Sports.

No, he might never match the viral success of this oh-so-relatable post. But today, Shaw wins the internet. Good on you guy.

Becoming a Right of Spring

Anyone in the communication business dreams of creating something that hits a nerve and draws massive, global interest. But few might expect that to come from ballpark signs created by the Board of a Wisconsin little league.

As reported in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one player’s dad, Evan Primakow, posted this photo of their sign on Reddit as the season opened in mid April. In less than two weeks, it’s garnered over twenty-eight thousand reactions and 715 comments (of course, being Reddit, a lot of those are trolling humor, but still…).
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Stacking The Deck To Encourage A Viral Clip: Gatorade “Ballgirl”

We were really bummed out when MLB said they wouldn’t let us use any of their teams to make this ad which we wanted to seed as a viral video.  Instead, we had to settle for a minor league game between the Fresno Grizzlies and the Tacoma Rainiers.  But ultimately, that’s what fueled this clip’s plausibility as everyone from sports blogs to the Today Show asked “Did she really do that?”