Rammstein ist so metallisch

How do you sell a concert tour? This seems like a pretty smart approach…

Granted, I don’t listen to Rammstein. East German industrial metal isn’t really my thing. Still, I stumbled across this link and soon found myself watching this cleverly constructed time lapse of the two and a half-day long assembly of the band’s touring stage in Dresden. It’s beautifully produced and absolutely mesmerizing. Even in this non-fan it built a powerful sense of anticipation.

So much so that I hit the old Google machine. And learned that Rammstein has been around for 25 years and is notorious for fiery, explosive live performances.

So simply by clicking this video, I’m now intrigued enough so that tomorrow when I get on the treadmill, I will search the band on Spotify.

It’s not an ad per se, but this clip is as good an example of video brand extension as I’ve seen this week. Ja, lass es rocken.

One thought on “Rammstein ist so metallisch

  1. Jeff Gallo says:

    Already seen them. 😉 “Du…Du hast! Du hast!” They opened for Limp Bizkit, 20 plus years ago and I was there!!!! 😂

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