“Video Content: Why”: a Free e-Book(let)

That’s right, free. With no purchase.

Twenty-two pages of facts, links, and thinking on the many ways video has evolved from a selling platform to the preferred communications platform.

Our world has changed. Smart companies have commissioned research to learn exactly how so I’ve been reading what they shared, sifting through the hyperbole and exaggeration endemic to the blogging world, all to catalogue the best thinking on how to leverage online video.


I want to share this thinking with anyone and everyone who may be interested. Download it, share it, use it however it may help; I simply ask that if you have feedback or input on how to make it better, share your thoughts. Our digital world is iterative which makes constant improvement a real possibility.

As I post this, we stand halfway between the end of Hanukkah and Christmas day; consider this my ecumenical Holiday gift to you. Read it in good health. And all the best for the New Year.


PS: Find other downloadable links on this page.

2 thoughts on ““Video Content: Why”: a Free e-Book(let)

  1. Lydell Capritta says:

    Dennis, so incredibly well done. All of it is informative and useful. I’ve been sharing most of your previous posts with my team, and they are continually inspiring us to think differently. I’ll share this too – after the holidays. Thank you.

    1. Dennis Ryan says:

      You’re a great leader and a fine human being, Lydell Capritta. Thanks a ton. And if your team has ideas or feedback to make it stronger or better, let me know. Merry merry and all the best for 2018!

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