Why Video Content? It’s Simple Neuroscience.

Seriously. Our brains process video imagery differently than text.

While researching this piece, a number of remarkable statistics popped up repeatedly. A particularly amazing one claimed we process visuals 600,000x faster than text. The problem is, like so many things on the internet, this claim wasn’t corroborated by any credible sources. Actually, they were compellingly argued against here. Oh well, live and Google. And Google again. Repeatedly.’


One thought on “Why Video Content? It’s Simple Neuroscience.

  1. Dave Wilciox says:

    There is actually a name for this: Picture Superiority Effect. The premise is simple enough… a picture really is worth a thousand words, more or less. Here’s a pretty well-supported Wikipedia entry on the topic. For nerds, there are some scholarly citations at the bottom that offer a lot of the supporting theory.

    Science! Well, social science, the kind chemists smirk at. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Picture_superiority_effect

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