A Nine Page Argument for Video Content

“He Shares His Slides On SlideShare.” Try saying that three times quickly…

Or just take a look at this short deck. It asserts the critical relevance of video content, as our marketplace continues moving away from text-based communications. It’s intentionally short because apparently, all these modern digital distractions have left us with the attention span of tree frogs.

For years, I loved making television commercials. Today, I’m genuinely excited to make all sorts of other video content for all sorts of other platforms and audiences. It is, in the words of the immortal Sammy Davis Jr., ‘a gas and a giggle.’


Photo credit: Ray Hennessy

One thought on “A Nine Page Argument for Video Content

  1. Jeff Gallo says:

    I hope we can find an opportunity to make some content together, because there is nothing I like more than having a “gas and a giggle” while getting paid. It’s practically stealin’. 😉

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