Shoulder to Shoulder with Mentors

Two weeks ago, Joe Sciarotta, the CCO of Ogilvy Chicago who was recently made co-CCO of Ogilvy US, asked me to film a video. Since I was in Chicago on business, I stopped by their office at the end of the day. Producer Mike Diedrich and CD/DP Peter Angus Medlock filmed my bit in under a half hour, most of which we spent laughing.

Candidly, I thought the project was to congratulate Joe on his big promotion. Instead, it was for the 4A’s 100th Anniversary celebration, held Wednesday night in Chicago.

When I saw the roughcut, I was knocked back. To be in the same video as Lee Clow, Shelly Lazarus, Jeff Goodby, Ari Helper, my old bosses Keith Reinhard and Bob Scarpelli, and a host of other cool people was the nicest compliment I’ve received in ages.

The clip also proved I can’t talk without using my hands.


PS: The commercial I reference is over twenty years old but remains a favorite. This marvelous spot for Black Currant Tango soda inspired me to go bigger and sillier whenever possible. It is, quite simply, flawless.

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