Access = Influence

It’s a pretty simple equation; the more you’re in contact with your audience, the more you can influence their shopping choices. That hypothesis has just been corroborated by this white paper from a 1,000 person survey by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, an email company that works across multiple digital platforms.


None of the findings are particularly surprising. Social media exerts an increasingly powerful influence on buying decisions, most notably on younger buyers. According to the study’s numbers, social impacts 80% of Gen Z and 74% of Millennials’ buying decisions. By comparison, Gen X runs around 58% and Baby Boomers claim 41%.

Influencers driving sales is nothing new. It’s why Weight Watchers hired Oprah and Gatorade hired Michael Jordan. These days, it’s simply moved from television to Facebook and Instagram. Or at least, that’s where it lives for me.

The sobering reality is that these platforms are not what influences Gen Z. By a longshot. Younger audiences are all about Snapchat. While it ranks fourth among social media sharing sites, 54% of American teens use Snapchat daily. Every day, it attracts 166 million active users for an average of thirty minutes every day. If you want to reach 13-24 year olds, you better be on Snapchat.

And yet, only 1% of advertisers currently use the platform. Perhaps that’s because most advertising creatives don’t use it. Personally, I never really got Snapchat. I’ve tried playing around with it and had my teenager explain it to me, but I quickly lost interest.

Looks like I better try again. Looks like a lot of us should.

It might not be my choice, but it’s the future. At least, for now.


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