How A Security Expert Disciplines the Kids

Khalil Sehnaoui is a well-respected Lebanese information security expert, consultant, and hacktivist. He’s also a rather prolific tweeter with nearly twelve thousand followers. Oh, and he has a rather savage sense of humor, as evidenced by this tweet:

As he explained in subsequent tweets and responses, the offenders weren’t merely loud, they were boorish. And they did one thing that was beyond tolerable:

He didn’t handle this issue passive-aggressively. He asked them to keep it down, he tried to be reasonable, but they ignored him. And so he used a hidden server in another country in a different time zone to quietly submarine their arrogant, self-centered hopes and dreams. As an ex-waiter, that makes him rather heroic in my eyes. And in others as well–you’ll notice his initial tweet was favorited over thirty-one thousand times.

Of course, Khalil is not a heartless disciplinarian. A day later, he posted this:

A hacktivist with a strong moral code; I find that comforting. Happy weekend.


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