How To Get Over 4 Million Views for a Used Car Ad

It’s hard to say how much Eugene Romanovsky’s tinny, underpowered, used car is actually worth. Kelley Blue Book doesn’t list prices for the ’96 Suzuki Vitara because that model wasn’t sold then in North America. Suzuki stopped selling here altogether five years ago.

But the car means a lot to Eugene, as this video love letter demonstrates…


As a Creative Director/ VFX Supervisor, Romanovsky leads the Motion GFX department at Tel Aviv production house Gravity. He put all of his visual know-how, and more than a few misspellings, into this two minute tour-de-farce. Since he speaks Israeli, English, and Russian, we can overlook the spelling. Besides, his visual imagery speaks to everyone who loves a blockbuster. Manipulating stock and stolen footage, he creates outsized visuals to pitch his rather pedestrian vehicle (“96 Horsepower!”). The breathless cinematic hyperbole is a joy to watch.

Romanovsky’s audacious creativity makes this particular video stand out amidst the massive volume of YouTube content. Their latest numbers cite 400 hours of video uploaded every minute: that’s the equivalent of 65 years every day.

And thanks to improvements in their recommendation algorithms, the global YouTube audience now watches more than one billion hours of videos every day. Less than five years ago, that number was 100 million: in that time, it’s exploded ten-fold. By most estimates, YouTube is now larger than China Central Television that, with more than 1.2 billion viewers, represents the biggest TV network on the planet.

Do that math for a minute and it’s clear; it’s not just classified car ads that have changed, it’s the whole world.


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