Kirby Jenner, Celebrity By-Product

I do not follow the Jenner-Kartrashian family. I do not care what they wear, where they vacation, or what brands pay to appear on their social feeds. I am a firm believer in the movement to stop making stupid people famous.

But funny people? They’re another story entirely. Funny people are the best.


Kirby Jenner is very funny, in the best arch, post-ironic, hyper-aware kind of way. Follow him on Instagram and you’ll be invited to also follow President Obama, Chrissy Teigen, Melissa McCarthy, and other Instagram-glitterati because that’s the improbable celebrity level Kirby’s achieved. With 629,000+ followers, he swings a big social media stick.

What does he do? He inserts himself — joyously, audaciously, seamlessly — into the aggressively non-ironic Instagram posts of his ostensibly fraternal twin, Kendall Jenner. Her self-important stream has a following of some 80.3 million people (I kid you not) who might be mildly scandalized by this mustachioed, and irrationally enthusiastic interloper.

Kirby’s Photoshop work is so brilliantly executed and his earnest/knowing commentary is so delightfully deranged, I lost well over an hour digging through his feed. Which made me sorry, not sorry. He is a Zelig for this social media era.

God love you, you glorious goofball. You go Kirby.

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