Becoming a Right of Spring

Anyone in the communication business dreams of creating something that hits a nerve and draws massive, global interest. But few might expect that to come from ballpark signs created by the Board of a Wisconsin little league.

As reported in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one player’s dad, Evan Primakow, posted this photo of their sign on Reddit as the season opened in mid April. In less than two weeks, it’s garnered over twenty-eight thousand reactions and 715 comments (of course, being Reddit, a lot of those are trolling humor, but still…).

It’s always worth reviewing why this or any particular piece earned the attention of an incorrigibly distracted online audience. This photo has many of the hallmarks of great, organically-viral content:

  1. A strong, clear point of view
  2. A specific, well-defined audience
  3. A surprising, relevant execution

And with little league baseball opening across the country, it also boasts timeliness.

Nice job Evan. Even better job Glendale Little League. Hope everyone enjoys a great season.

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