Training The Next Generation

With 7+ billion people on the planet connected via the internet, there’s always so much to learn. Plenty of schools teach marketing and advertising, but like any craft, nothing beats the apprentice system.

Unfortunately, that rarely exists in agencies anymore. Instead, we hire affordable, young talent, throw them into the breach, then write off their inevitable mistakes as the style of today’s instant-posting culture.

Lots of us still remember where we once turned for inspiration and education: the glossy, heavy pages of Communication Arts. These perfect bound monthlies were hoarded and showcased like encyclopedias, filled with page after page of the highest examples of creativity. We studied. And learned. And improved.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 1.24.56 PM

Luckily, for those entering the business today, Mike Fetrow launched a YouTube channel last month that aggregates terrific examples of commercial filmmaking. Advertising Organized Neatly curates playlists of the most remarkable vintage ads and content in themed groupings. For people entering the business, it’s like having a truly remarkable creative director guide you to the most inspiring work you never knew. Because that’s what it is.

Go, subscribe, and help save this world from more uninspired dreck.


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