Fake Note, True Leader

A few years back, I found myself at one of those interminable, mandatory, multi-agency meetings called by a major client. About half the content at these meetings proves truly valuable. Unfortunately, there’s the other half consisting of client filler and other agency throats jockeying to ask the insightful, incisive question they hope will lead to a bigger slice of the pie for their firm.

Anyway, I sat next to this nice bearded guy who seemed smarter than most. Late in the morning, as the presentations ground on, I was surprised to see him pull out a moleskin notebook and jot something down. The current presentation seemed absolutely meaningless, despite the false enthusiasm of a few front row hand-raisers; what had I missed?

Then, he slid the note over so I could read it…

Abundant good humor: it’s what makes Marcus Fischer, Marcus Fischer. And it’s just another reason why Carmichael Lynch is in tremendous shape for the future: you’ve passed the reins to an adult with deep understanding, calm patience, and real love for this game. Good on you.

And congratulations Marcus–a proven president who will make an exceptional CEO.

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