Digital Kitchen makes main title sequences. We install remarkable digital environments. We create content, programming, and marketing. Oh, and we’re a production company.

All of this is true. But none of it is as critical to why we exist. What matters is not what we make, but its purpose.

Our most lasting and meaningful work serves as solutions, as strategic, creative answers to a real business needs.

Carnival came to DK with wearable Bluetooth technology they hoped would change shipboard commerce; we showed them how it could change the entire cruising experience and helped them garner a $2b investment from their board.

Second & Seneca was a tired old office building left behind by the new tech startup rental market; our lobby installation with its animations from a wide variety of local graphic artists gives the property modern relevance.

Narcos was an unknown Netflix series set during the early 80’s rise of drug lord Pablo Escobar; our main title condensed ten dense episodes of characters and storylines into an accessible, minute-long reflection of the era’s wealth, violence, and vintage glamour.

This is how we will talk about DK moving forward; as an organization that applies experience design to transform businesses through creative experiences. By doing this, we take away the distracting, and ultimately fruitless debate around what we do and instead focus on the far more meaningful why we do it. We focus on our purpose.


Because people always want to know ‘why?’


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