To make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear; to turn something negative into something positive; that’s the lasting lesson from CES 2017.

Yep, We Created That Medallion too…

As many of you saw, this year’s show kicked off with a keynote speech from Carnival Cruise’s Arnold Donald who highlighted how they are leveraging technology to radically reinvent the cruising experience. His presentation was widely covered and praised. Which was particularly galling for Digital Kitchen.

DK wasn’t called out from the stage. Our contributions weren’t cited and credit wasn’t shared. As a creative organization, that’s not just irritating, it’s infuriating.

But we have licked our wounds over Carnival for the last time. Today, we begin transforming our Herculean heartbreak into the massive opportunity it is. As Paul Mattheus put it “This is going to be the hot topic in hospitality and digital experiences for at least 5 more years. Carnival is a top-to-bottom transformation, where 90% of the sparkle was our influence.

Paul’s words contain the key to our resurgence: “a top-to-bottom transformation.” Every business has been wracked by the digital revolution; most still struggle to adapt and all fight to keep up. This reality provides a bedrock business foundation for our future.

“Digital Kitchen transforms businesses through creative experiences.”

That is our business today. That is what we do at our best; provide strategically-applied creativity to help businesses adapt to our ever-new world. We transform how they create impactful branding through environments and installations, we transform their messaging by focusing on values and purpose to build loyalty, we transform their long complicated storylines by expressing them as simple powerful emotions in sixty seconds.

We do not strive to evolve into an advertising agency; we aim to be something far more—a partner, a Sherpa, a trusted creative advisor suited for the times. Today, we begin thinking of Digital Kitchen as a leader in driving brand transformation through digital creativity.

Sounds pretty interesting to me.


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