Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where We’re Headed

Nostalgia always reigns the week before New Year. Every news show edits their “Year in Review”, recounting whatever events of the past twelve months they deem significant. It’s a pleasant enough pastime.

But it’s largely irrelevant to an exponentially-evolving world. With almost 43% of the global population connected to the internet, we’ve seen more technological advances in the past ten years than in the past 10,000 years. And that pace is only increasing.

Yet despite this onslaught of constant change, the questions that lead to every human advance endure: “Why? Why not? What if?” If you ever wonder how to insure your work remains relevant and vital, start with those three simple questions.

Asking ‘why?’ drives our universal search for answers and understanding. Asking ‘why not?’ introduces healthy skepticism, the alternative perspectives that lead to stronger answers. And asking ‘what if?’ summons the imagination, the dreaming of potential and possibility that leads to every human innovation.

Just three questions, each with infinite answers. In a continually evolving society and marketplace, they provide the bedrock curiosity to keep Digital Kitchen relevant and remarkable for years to come.

Starting with 2017. Let’s have a great one…


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