Always Content, Never Content

For twenty-one years, and long before the rest of the industry recognized the label, Digital Kitchen has stood for content: exceptional filmed content, from programming to on-air to online and in-store. Digital Kitchen content puts us in a singular position within the industry and aligns perfectly with where the market is going as social and online video continue to grow in importance.

But there’s a danger that comes with this kind of marketplace advantage: if we are not mindful, pride can slip into self-satisfaction.

At DK, we must always view “content” as a noun. The second it becomes an adjective, we start to lose.

  • We lose our hunger for innovation.
  • We lose our edge in leveraging technology.
  • We lose the aggressive pursuit of excellence that differentiates our best work in the marketplace. And provides real, measurable value to the clients we serve.

So we must never be content. But we must always push our content.

That’s where our Relevance lives.


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