Fast, Cheap or Good. Pick Four.

Venn_2You might not like the new math of marketing, but that’s today’s reality. Agencies no longer have the luxury of just offering any two; we need to provide all three. As the world grows more social, clients demand work that’s cheaper, faster and in this highly distracted society, louder.

Cheaper because the market’s desire for new content never slacks and clients must feed the beast.

Faster because context is now critical to creative and by the time ideas pass through traditional development, that context is lost.

Louder because we now live in a world where people add three hundred hours of content to YouTube every minute. That’s nearly fifty years of content every day on just one platform. Which, technically speaking, is a whole lot.

Experienced people who love the idea business don’t have to like it and it’s understandable if they don’t. The agencies we grew up with were all built for the long haul, for steady, predictable output.

But to keep moving forward and advancing the industry, we must embrace these changes and leverage them.

Which is why Fetrow Ryan & Partners believes the right approach is to pile on one more descriptor to those three: on brand. Yes, the market is fragmented but that’s no excuse for fragmented brands. If a marketer’s only goal is getting clicks and eyeballs, hire a bot.

But we believe with the right talent and the right approach, you can get cheaper, faster, louder and better.

It simply requires change. But today, what doesn’t?

Dennis & Mike

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