Before We Build Our Agency, We Are Building Our Culture.

7:4Yes, business plans matter. And clients remain decidedly crucial. But the fact remains that the market doesn’t need another ad agency. And we agree.

Today, we’re introducing Fetrow Ryan & Partners. And we aim to be much less than an ad agency. Much less staff, much less process, much less overhead.

Simultaneously, we aim to be much more. Much more informed. Much more forward leaning. Much more insatiably curious about the technologies changing the world of marketing and communications.

So before we build our website or client roster or even a presentation template, we are building our culture. We have seen how culture directly impacts sustained agency success. Cultures built on fear lose great talent. Cultures built on quarterly earnings shortchange clients. And cultures built on rigid perspectives quickly fall behind.

So our culture will embrace constant learning. We devote part of every workday to scouring the web in pursuit of the new, the innovative and the inspirational. We catalogue it and we will share it. Here, and in some form within every presentation to our clients and partners.

To us, constant learning is a requirement for embracing and leveraging change.

And the only viable way forward when change is our most abundant resource.

Mike & Dennis

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