Further Proof Your Brands Need a Content Plan

Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson, AdvertisingOver two thirds of the American population spent March watching 46.6 billion online videos.

If those numbers from comScore don’t stagger you, you’re not doing the math.

That equals an average of 250 videos, per person, in one month.  Granted, the Polar Vortex made it very conducive to staying inside and vegging out, but still.

Now combine that with the fact that while TV viewing has barely slipped these past three years (down seven minutes to four hours and 38 viewing minutes/day), time spent with digital media grew by 74% to equal five hours and nine minutes/day.

So while digital usage is up, TV remains a huge platform. In other words, our consumption of filmed content is only increasing as consumers spend more time daily on multiple screens.

Brands need to be on every screen in contextually relevant ways. Which means most of us have a lot of work to do…


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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