Jimmy Kimmel Gets It

Let’s be honest; at this point, most late night television serve up little more than reheated leftovers. Nothing new, nothing innovative: just the same reasonably funny people trying to make the latest entertainment tripe feel fresh and interesting. It’s a Home Shopping Network for Hollywood’s product. And it’s way too tired.

Which is why I find Jimmy Kimmel so fascinating. A truly post-modern late show host born of the digital age, Jimmy has consistently reinvented convention with an eye toward what is relevant on the world wide interwebs. And because of that, he has a freshness, relevance and  energy few of his peer group can match.

Take his latest for example. It’s a topic that’s not that funny at all, but Jimmy uses his broadcast bully pulpit as a wonderful launching pad to create awareness for something that clearly means something to him. When he chokes up at the end of the bit, everyone watching is with him. And Max. And that right there, is the amazing power of shareworthy content.

So many of us are thinking good thoughts for you Max. Thanks to your friend Jimmy. God love you.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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