Pent Up Rage Is Amazingly Shareworthy

No one feels sorry for JP Morgan Chase. Nor should they. They are all after all, the country’s biggest bank as measured by assets. But as Reuters reported yesterday, that brand’s most recent foray into social media was an unmitigated disaster. Want to see what pure outrage looks like? Type #askJPM into your Twitter feed. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Dennis Ryan, Olson, AdvertisingYou have to go down pretty far into the feed to find the original postings because in the intense echochamber that is the Twittersphere, dozens of people have been retweeting the story with unalloyed glee. But it’s worth the effort. Because there you will read some of the most bitter and brutal sarcasm ever leveled at a brand. On their turf. At their invitation.

JP Morgan’s mistake couldn’t seem more obvious in hindsight. Sure, within the investment banking community, they have been lauded and celebrated for the way they’ve driven value. But out among the unwashed, where the cost of those bankers’ bonuses are reflected in foreclosures and the impact of government fines looks laughable, the opinion is far different.

This episode perfectly illustrates the power of the biggest driver of shareworthy content: a strong POV. The more opinionated your content is, the more like-minded people will share it. When brand opinion is shaped and fueled by real world outrage, encouraging people to share their thoughts is tantamount to self immolation.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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