Kindness Is Shareworthy…and Brand Building

Perhaps you saw this clip floating around Facebook or Twitter last week. I don’t know Jim Wolf’s story, or what led him from the US Army to homelessness and ultimately, to the doorstep of Dégagé Ministries. But I do know that his expression at 2:09 is one you wish for every veteran–it’s the very essence of everything it means to be part of a close, effective, caring team.


And make no mistake; it may be feel good but this shareworthy clip is designed to help build a brand. Dégagé Ministries operates their nonprofit out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, providing aid and shelter to people dealing with poverty, abuse, addiction, and unemployment. Their forward thinking mindset is evident in everything from the creation of this powerful viral video to the way they address panhandling. Hopefully the success of this piece will help advance the mission of their organization.

It worked on me. I sent them a hundred bucks. It seemed only fitting for Veteran’s Day. Good luck Jim. And god love you Dégagé Ministries.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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