Shareworthy Content? Or Just Badvertising?

Sadly, this is the latter. News stories abound concerning how Millennials are increasingly not bothering to get a license, let alone purchase a car, so working on the Ford Fiesta account must be rife with challenges. But this ‘viral’ clip just does so many things wrong, it breaks your heart…


The foundational ‘idea” of a Ford Fiesta Movement is a mistake from the outset. True, many advertisers and agencies like to talk about the notion of ‘engineering movements’ but even Detroit’s enviable budgets can’t overcome the inertial power of free will in the marketplace. With the nearly infinite distractions of the web, why should anyone care about your vacation slides? Worse, why would these marketers take reasonably accomplished performers like Improv Everywhere and saddle them with something so painfully scripted and staged? Anyone who has ever walked on Venice Beach knows the sidewalk never clears enough for dozens of people to run shoulder-to-shoulder along it without knocking others over yet this clip shows that in set up after set up. And the notion of ‘set up’ doesn’t really gibe with ‘improv.’

It’s been a slow few weeks for shareworthy brand video. But I’ll keep hoping for more good stuff. Happy Friday.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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