What Makes People Share Videos? Well, Self-Interest Helps…

Social media and the omnipresence of the mobile web makes sharing videos and other content remarkably easy. With the click of a button or two, you can send something that you find worthwhile to all your friends and neighbors.

But what motivates people to share a particular video?

A point-of-view helps; people love sharing pieces that confirm their personal opinions.

Surprise works really well; and there’s nothing quite like sharing that experience with others.

And of course, there’s always self-interest. At it’s worst, self-interest comes off like a stream of tropical vacation Facebook posts during the brutal days of February.

I hope this doesn’t come off that way, but I’m sharing a video with you that doesn’t espouse a particularly point of view we might share…one that doesn’t surprise overly much…but one that shamelessly reflects my own self-interest. Because it’s not everyday you and your agency get featured in the Wall Street Journal. And it’s even rarer that they extend that into a short video on their online site.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising

The WSJ embed code isn’t working so please click here.

Olson Minneapolis does enjoy the nicest, best designed, most collaborative office space I’ve known in my career. It’s nice to see Gensler get a nice shout out for it. And man, I work with good looking people.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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