Matt Cooke Said Something Really, Really Smart

Matt is a founder and CTO of Unruly Media, a powerhouse in social video optimization. Truth be told, he might not have actually said the quote; I picked it up off a blurb about click through rates on mobile platforms and press releases can be notoriously lax about accurate attribution. Regardless, Unruly is crediting him so I will too.

“Because it’s emotionally powerful and so easy to share, video is the most engaging format in the marketer’s tool box, with the potential to ignite and amplify conversations at speed and scale.”

No kidding. The more technology advances to make mobile video stream faster and smoother with higher resolution and sound, the more brands need to be moving their media investments to that platform. The key finding of the Unruly study is that mobile video engagement is now three times higher than desktop.  In other words, online video viewers are three times more likely to click through to a brand’s website from smartphones and tablets than from their laptop or computer. Of course television remains relevant–as a society, we are watching more than we ever have (take that, GNP) but given the omnipresence of smartphones and iPads in our lives, we can’t ignore the ever-increasing relevance of this critical new media platform.

Actually, we can ignore it. And most of us probably will. But that just means we are going to be playing a big game of catch up in a few years.

Or months.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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