Thinkmodo Does It Again: A Brilliant Prank for “Carrie”

Surprise. It’s the hardest thing to truly create but it’s also the most devastatingly effective. And it’s become a massive asset for breakthrough marketing. Which explains why marketers build so many shareworthy clips around pranking–there’s nothing quite as fun to watch as peoples’ raw reactions to surprises.

The two man viral shop Thinkmodo leverages pranking again and again. From Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart to a shaving helmet, they feed story after story to media outlets starved for content and conversation topics. And the one they just released to promote the upcoming Carrie remake is spectacular…

With nearly three million views in the first twenty four hours since its release, Thinkmodo has another bona fide hit on their hands. And traditional movie marketing evolves another step forward to better leverage a new, socially-powered world. Films thrive on buzz and word of mouth because opening weekend box office is so critical to their success. This makes short-lived, conversation sparking and shareworthy engagement particularly smart for promoting them.
By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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