The Power of People Being Nice To People Also Applies To Kitties

GoPro regularly updates their YouTube channel with remarkable, wildly viral and shareworthy clips taken with their versatile HD cameras. A few dozen have more than five million views, most featuring jaw dropping first-person perspectives of extreme sports. But one posted this past Wednesday has already earned over three million clicks on its second day. With nary a base jump or anything adrenaline-y in sight.

This is a lesser-known corollary to the view-earning power of ‘people being nice to people’ (prime example here); file it under the subhead ‘manly firefighters being nice to cute little kitty cats.’ And clearly it works, despite the fact that the overcranking borders on self parody, the music has all the subtlety of pie in the face and the overall effort is shamelessly manipulative.

Still, if it doesn’t make you smile, you’re a pre-Good Witch Tin Man. Happy Friday!

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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