Honda and The Joy of Discovery

One consistently under-leveraged aspect of the web is context. If you see an intriguing piece of film online, you can immediately open another window and search for more information on it. And so what you’ve just seen takes on deeper context as you discover more about it.

That is the real magic of this incredible piece from Honda that came out in early July. And it explains why it has earned over 7.3 million views and counting.

Instead of listing and explaining all the innovations Honda engineers have developed in their sixty-five year history, this film largely skips an announcer voiceover and cleverly presents all sorts of toy-like versions of Honda creations that viewers may not remember or know about. Some marketers would consider this a risk–for instance, people might not realize that Honda once developed the FCX Clarity car whose only emissions were water. However, by suggesting that benefit through their unseen protagonist drinking a glass of water from the miniature engine, they make a more lasting brand experience one quick search away.

A huge variety of other Honda innovations get the same treatment during its two minute running time:  their historic 1958 Super Cub motor scooter, their Honwave T38 inflatable boat, their everyday supercar the NSX, the HB25 leafblower, the radically-downsized CR-V, their N420HJ jet, their ASIMO robot and even, the simple little cog from their prior viral masterpiece.

I’m not a historian of Honda engineering, but I know how to use Google (and Wieden + Kennedy UK was smart enough to also post a version with elaborate ‘engineer’s notes’ here). And because of that, this shareworthy piece went even further.

Because a big part of the Power of Dreams is the Power of Discovery.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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