One Approach to Viral Success? Models in Lingerie. New Work for Agent Provocateur.

It’s really not fair. Most of us toil away in the trenches of marketing, working to dream up viral ideas for single coat wall paints or high-fiber snacks. We try to capture peoples’ attention and inspire them to pass along our content. Sometimes, given our subject matter, that can be a pitched battle…

Penelope Cruz however, starts off with all sorts of advantages. There’s her fame, of course. And her layup of an assignment; selling her sister Monica’s lingerie line. Oh, and her sister apparently knows lots of models who are comfortable sprawling, lounging, and performing low-impact gymnastics in foundation garments. And she can talk her husband Javier Bardem into making a cameo too.

This is as cheesy as your average Cinemax After Hours presentation; lots of suggestion, lots of skin, not a lot of concept. The “magic Ray Bans” seem like a gimmick from a Scott Baio film and the rest of it feels like really bad Euro trash, but maybe that’s just the soundtrack. Little happens during it’s meandering six minute plus duration, although to be fair, over 20% of it’s running time is dedicated to credits. It’s critical we know the names of all the assistant hair stylists and the financial officer for this production effort.

In the end, as lazy as this piece feels, it probably constitutes a smart investment on Agent Provocateur’s part. The celebrity participation and prurient subject matter guarantee it will be picked up and talked about by all sorts of media outlets and bloggers, whether or not the content really merits it.

Which I guess makes me part of the problem.
By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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