Why Start A Blog on Content?

Almost five years ago, I began blogging at  “Brands are Opinions” to force myself to pay closer attention to the massive changes disrupting both the advertising industry and my personal career path. And it helped. I was able to reinvent my career path, moving to a digital agency and gaining valuable experience in emerging advertising disciplines.

Today, the most fascinating of those emerging disciplines is  one I’ve been working for nearly three decades: branded filmed content. But everyday, film seems to go somewhere and do something new, which raises all sorts of questions. How do they spread? Which level of brand detail is most effective? And the ultimate question—what makes any particular example shareworthy? To me, that is the ultimate measure of success and effectiveness; was it compelling enough to motivate someone to endorse it, to add their own personal credibility, and share it with their network?

Because more than seeing something great on television or noticing it in an aggregator on the web, having someone share a piece of content lends any brand message a credibility and a persuasiveness unmatched by anything else.

So how is that done?

That’s what I’ll be investigating. And sharing as I do.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

PS: Along the way, I welcome any and all suggestions on topics or counterpoints to my assertions. It takes a village and all that.

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