Why Shareworthy?

Staying current on advertising and marketing is like surfing on a lava flow–if you don’t stay up, you’re done. I began blogging with Brands Are Opinions five years ago to help understand the massive changes and new opportunities digital technology and social media created for our industry.

Now it’s time to start again, what’s old is suddenly new, and filmed content has assumed  critical importance. Because today there’s a catch: given the glut of product–all the user generated content and online hub programming–the need for film to be amazing and immediately engage has never been higher. That’s because the ultimate distribution network is not purchased, but earned. If you see something you like, and pass it on to a friend who you think might be interested in it, you are essentially creating the most valuable media placement of all–pinpoint target marketing. You won’t forward something to anyone you don’t think will care about the piece.

In our incredibly social media powered age, branded content is the most important new medium of all. This blog is  dedicated to exploring every aspect of  content; what makes it great, what limits it, how it can be most effective–all to better understand how it can reach the ultimate achievement:

–to be shareworthy.
By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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