Here Is Your Awesome Starter Kit

So back in the day, I worked with the ridiculously talented Troy Hayes, the principal architect of pop culture icon Spuds MacKenzie and now the brains behind Engine29. Of all the many talented art directors I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside, none have matched Troy’s ability to simplify a story down to its essence. That, along with a knack for simple line drawing made watching Troy convert scripts into storyboards a pure joy.

Anyway, Troy read about the text my daughter Grace sent me to take the sting out of losing a review and converted it into these t-shirts on Zazzle.

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OlsonWithout a doubt, this was the best thirty six dollars I’ve ever spent with my daughter. Thanks a ton Troy. God love you man.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

4 thoughts on “Here Is Your Awesome Starter Kit

  1. lorra rudman says:

    how could a guy with a punim like yours produce a daughter with a punim like THAT? MAGNIFICENT!
    (nice tees)

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