How About We All Agree Kevin Durant Is Awesome And Call It At That

Two days ago, after a tornado leveled Moore, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Thunder Forward Kevin Durant donated one million dollars to the Red Cross to help relief efforts.

Yes, he’s an NBA star, yes he has boatloads of endorsements but still, he was moved enough to give away one million of his own dollars to try and help his community. And sure enough, his donation inspired matching donations from the Thunder organization, the NBA and the player’s union too.Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising

But these days, that’s not good enough. At least two articles I read about his gift broke down what it actually meant to someone who enjoys the astronomical salary and endorsement money Durant does compared to more modest incomes. Because these days, we have to measure the charity, we have to insure it isn’t just another publicity stunt, a bit of grandstanding for the public from a headline grabbing egomaniac hungry for PR.

It wasn’t. He isn’t. No, that’s what we have the Kardashians for.  God save us.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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