For Some Reason, I Watched The Bears On Monday Night Football Last Night

Not the whole game, just a bit. But enough to see Devin Hester return a punt by running backwards for seventeen yards. And Aldon Smith embarrass Jamarcus Webb about a half dozen times.  But I digress…

What really stuck out during that painful broadcast was this spot from Corona Beer. Generally speaking, I like this campaign. It’s long been smart and consistent and singular. Not particularly chancy, but certainly strategic.

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, Olson

But somebody should have kept the client at the craft service table during this setup. Because in every one of my dozen or so viewings, this particular shot sticks out as awkwardly as a palm tree in Chicago. In the long history of beer drinking, no one has ever held a beer like this. The actor holds that bottle like it’s his shoe and he just stepped in a cow pie. It is heavy-handed and entirely false. And then the woman mirrors this silliness. I don’t care if it helps viewers read the label–no one is confused about the branding on this spot. This is just bad.

Trust your viewers to get it. Don’t insult them with pap like this. Ick.


By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

2 thoughts on “For Some Reason, I Watched The Bears On Monday Night Football Last Night

  1. G. Andrew Meyer says:

    I feel the need to defend my two clients, Jim Sabia and Craig Neely. This was not their call, it was mine. No, they shouldn’t be relegated to the craft services table, they are actually valuable contributors to the process and it was always a pleasure working with them.

    Anyway, Cody, the actor, came up with that beer hold after many attempts at other ways of handling the bottle. It needed to be present in that shot to bridge the beach to the plane — this was the first time we had done something like that for the brand, it was shot three years ago. Cody’s 6’3″, and there was no perfect way for him to handle a beer, in coach, with the beverage cart next to him and get it into frame in that shot… fully grasping it looked stiff and awkward, besides having no branding visible at all. So if it’s I cowpie, it’s one that I own, not my clients.

    I’m kind of surprised you didn’t point out that bottles aren’t allowed on airplanes.

    1. Dennis Ryan says:

      You’re a good man for responding G. Andrew. And it’s always awesome to hear production stories. Still, despite your totally reasonable explanation, that shot just sticks out.
      I’ve certainly been there myself, when your idea starts changing in the transition from thought to thing. It’s the kind of surprising twist you don’t really consider until you first start getting the casting tapes back. Then you realize you have a challenge…
      Also good to know Jim and Craig are good ones–thanks for pointing that out. I stand corrected.

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