So Facebook Released an Earnings Report Yesterday…

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Advertising–and Mark Zuckerberg said a few interesting things.

While attacking the myth that they can’t make money on mobile, Zuckerberg reported that their mobile active user base had grown 61% since last year.  Apparently 14% of their revenue now comes from mobile.  He also touts the mobile Newsfeed as a ‘natural ad format.’  So get ready for that to start to suck…

On the other extreme from ‘suck’, Instagram–acquired just last April–has already nearly quadrupled it’s users to over 100 million.

With monthly user count breaking a billion, Facebook’s daily reach now exceeds the Super Bowl by a factor of three.  Three times more, daily.  Wow.

Still, I don’t trust Facebook.  I frequently disagree with it.  Yet I use it multiple times, everyday.  And for some reason that I can’t quite pinpoint, that simple fact makes me feel like I’ve taken up smoking again.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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