New York: America’s Most Aggressively Art Directed City

The one quality that really makes an idea sing for me is surprise.  We all feel a jolt when someone uses words or music or imagery to capture our attention in an entirely new way.  That’s what draws us to art and comedy and movies and music: that element of freshness, that unique delight of some original thing.

Dennis Ryan, Advertising, OlsonWhich is why spending a long weekend in New York City can be so energizing.  Of course there’s Times Square’s adrenalizing crush of freak show humanity, but around every corner and in all manners of stores in the five boroughs surprise awaits.  Floors of honed marble at Dean and DeLuca or wavy mosaics at Pastis…the tourist-focused but still astounding industrial patinas of Chelsea Market…even something as relatively simple yet undeniably engaging as the Highline; all deliver on some level of surprise and demand your attention, if only for a moment.

No, New York does not hold a sole position as a purveyor of urban remark ability; our newly adopted hometown of Minneapolis reveals something new and fascinating everyday.  Still, the sheer volume of New York’s art directed impact overwhelms the senses.

Which is probably why a three day visit is enough.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


I know; I’ve been gone a bit.  Some things came up.  But I’ll get back at it now–thanks for reading.


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