Playing Well With Celebrities

If you’re lucky, you occasionally get the opportunity to work with celebrity talent.  Many feel conflicted about working in advertising but one over-riding concern almost all of them share, whether they are entertainers or athletes, is they don’t want to look silly.  And they want the spot to be a success.

That comes down to creating roles and situations that fit them specifically.  If you think the same spot will work with either Amy Pohler or Emma Stone, chances are it will showcase neither.  Supercuts hired the largely bald Terry Bradshaw as a spokesperson which presented a challenge, but our work improved ten fold when we learned he delivers all dialogue by shouting.  No kidding.

Harvey Keitel?  Very low maintenance.  And pitch perfect.  And yes, “schmendrick” was in the script…

Uncle Jesse?  Taye Gibbs?  Interestingly, a lot of clients insisted on attending this shoot…

Even a celebrity voiceover matters.  Getting this client to understand the importance of frivolity made Fred Willard’s voiceover particularly effective here.

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