Found on Flickr: The Subversive Wit of TrustoCorp

My friend Jeff Berg was surfing images on Flickr when he came across this gem:

Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson, Minneapolis, Advertising, Design

This is the work of TrustoCorp–an organization shrouded in mystery but extremely adept at Photoshop and high-end tagging.  Neither of us had ever heard of them before Jeff happened upon their photostream, but a quick Google search showed they have everything from a simple website that provides a slideshow tour of their postings around the island of Manhattan, to a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

According to their bio on Flickr, “TrustoCorp is a New York based artist (or artists) dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire. TrustoCorp targets areas in the public domain typically reserved for messages of trust and authority and subverts them with messages of mayhem and absurdity hijacked from the visual style of our authorities.

Hey, it’s a Friday so try to find a few minutes to poke around their provocative work.  It will make you laugh and make you mad, perhaps even at the same time.  Artists…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson


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