Not All Political Advertising Is Hideous

Okay, strictly speaking, perhaps this ad isn’t truly political.  Hayley Wade is not some strident polemist but rather a student at the University of Calgary who really wants to be elected their Vice President of Student Life.  She has a well defined platform which addresses issues like making the ONEcard accessible all over campus and improving accessibility for disabled students.  A brief perusal of her Tumblr site shows her to be level headed and well intended.

Dennis Ryan, Olson, Minneapolis, Advertising, Digital

But not humorless, god love her.  This is a poster designed specifically for campus men’s rooms.  Great media buy Hayley.  If only American politics operated with such non-divisive, demographic-specific inclusiveness…

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson



One thought on “Not All Political Advertising Is Hideous

  1. Bart H. says:

    What a great find, Dennis. Of course, the current crop of debating candidates is so busy talking about the uterus, it leaves little time for dick discussion.

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