Just When You’ve Written Off Balloon Sculpture…

No one really expects to be wowed by balloon sculpture, that hackneyed, low-brow artform of a thousand lousy birthday parties. After you pass the age of six, there’s not a lot of fascination left from watching some clown pull skinny latex tubes from his fanny pack and whip it into a poodle/silly hat/mom-safe pirate sword. It’s a tired genre.

And then you see something like this…

Larry Moss balloon sculpture

This is “Spinosaurus” by Larry Moss and as you can see, it is awesome.

Apparently, Larry never got the message that balloon sculpture was tired and silly. No, to Larry, an ex-New York street artist, colored latex balloons are a medium to push to new and amazing places. To Larry, folding air is an artform he calls “Airigami” and as he explains in this charming TED video, a way to bring together communities.

To the rest of us, Larry Moss and his pursuits are a reminder that everyday, every mundanity is another opportunity to create surprise and delight.

God love Larry Moss. May his life be long and free of destructive pricks.

By Dennis Ryan, CCO, Olson

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